Should Dave Parker be in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

In my personal opinion, Dave Parker definitely deserves a place in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Considering his remarkable career stats, his two-time award as the National League's Most Valuable Player and his seven-time All-Star recognitions, it's tough to overlook his contributions to the sport. His battle with Parkinson's disease and his courage in facing it only adds to his legacy. However, the ultimate decision lies with the Baseball Writers' Association of America. Nonetheless, Dave Parker's omission from the Hall of Fame remains a contentious issue among baseball enthusiasts.

Written by

Robynn Brawley, Jul, 26 2023

What percentage of baseball rundowns in MLB end in an out?

As a huge baseball enthusiast, I've been looking into some intriguing MLB stats lately. One that caught my eye is the percentage of baseball rundowns resulting in an out. Interestingly, it's not as high as you might expect. According to the data, only about 75% of rundowns actually end in an out, which means 1 in 4 runners manage to escape. This just goes to show, even in a rundown, there's always a chance for the unexpected to happen.

Written by

Robynn Brawley, Jul, 23 2023

What is the worst baseball team to ever play on a baseball field?

In my exploration of the topic, we dive into the unfortunate world of baseball's worst-performing team ever, the Cleveland Spiders. They took the field in 1899, boasting a record so dismal it remains untouched: a shocking 20 wins to 134 losses. It was a year of unparalleled struggle, with a .130 winning percentage that has never been "achieved" again. The Spiders' performance was so bad, it led to their dissolution after just one season. This team undeniably holds the title for the worst baseball team to ever set foot on the field.

Written by

Robynn Brawley, Jul, 20 2023